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meet the TEAM

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Hooligan Degen





  • Create 1/1 collection to be minted on Terra. ✔️

  • Launch on Messier✔️



  • Migration of 1/1 collection over to Polygon with One Planet. ✔️

  • Form partnerships with established projects to work together cross chain and build in the NFT space. ✔️

  • Competition for new 1/1 for the original collection. ✔️

  • Build our discord. ✔️

  • Finalise designs for our next upcoming mints

  • Clothing samples and ideas released to
    OG Stoners. ✔️



  • Promotion and more partner building for our large collection release. ✔️

  • Set in place the foundations for utility with our large collection:

    • Clothes and merchandise shop up and running on the Smoke Store Beta. ✔️

  • Release our 3D weed bags onto Stargaze.✔️

    • Holders can now become the first weed dealers to hit the blockchain​

    • 1oz holders will receive a free airdrop for the pixelated collection.

  • Release alpha for our pixelated collection✔️

    • Holder's for the collection will receive discount for the Smoke Store. The more you hold the more the discount.​ Forever.


  • Reach out to Web 2 Cannabis brands and individuals to help build a larger community of likeminded individuals, further increasing our reach and ourselves as a solid brand

  • Update the Smoke Store to include many, many more items

  • Collaboration with other project for multiple 1/1s in the next collection

  • Release our pixelated collection

  • Funds from the mint will be added to the treasure were it will be spent directly on holders via a raffle, staking rewards, irl merchandise drop and more. All decided by the community.



  • You're still reading?? You need to hit that bag of sweet weed and enjoy the ride.


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