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For our next mint, we are planning on bringing FUN back to NFTs. Not only that, but we are planning REAL LIFE UTILITY with this mint.

All you have to do is mint  for $10 to receive joint or bong and be entered into our on-chain raffle.

After the mint is complete, you will then have to take a hit of your joint or bong by burning your NFT. You will then be airdropped your new NFT: a weed plant smoking your NFT. 







After your weed plant has done smoking their joint or bong, it will either become high af,  OR become pale and whitey out... If it vomits you do not win any utility.





If your weed plant is high af, then you will be entered into a draw to win multiple prizes! Stoned Island grinders, t-shirts, or even a weekend 420-friendly hotel in Amsterdam/ California / Thailand / Nimbin etc (the choice is yours!). Winners will be airdropped their last NFT that will be link to the prize. Eg Bong NFT = a REAL bong 

The more joints and bongs that are minted, then the more high af plants there will be, therefore the more chances to win real life utility.






For each NFT minted, 20% will be entered into the Stoned Island Treasury for our upcoming DAO. More details will be revealed soon...

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