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Our Mission


The UK are falling behind their G7 counterparts like Holland, Canada, USA and now Germany. Legalising cannabis has been linked to a reduction in suicide rates, especially in young men. Not forgetting the pain relief properties that cannabis holds. This means that users will rely less on pharmaceutical painkillers.


Illegal growing and selling of cannabis can be tackled by taking the power away from drug dealers, providing users with a safe source through registered cannabis suppliers and regulated farms. Users will be able to know exactly what they are buying, and where it came from, just like they can do in coffee shops and stores in legalised countries all over the world.


Cannabis alone in America have generated $10.4 billion worth of taxable sales. Imagine if the amount of revenue this would bring to the UK, which in turn would help benefit the country's healthcare, education and overall infrastructure.


Our mission is to shed light on these topics, as well as donating sales revenue to cannabis law reform projects. We want to provide artwork with real world utility, but also fun and entertainment to all stoners and NFT collectors alike. We are building a stoner brand. We will be at the forefront of campaigning for legalising cannabis and it's health benefits, as well as other cannabinoids like CBD.


Holding our NFTs will give you opportunities to receive real-world merchandise, a source of income, and a pretty sweet looking weed plant. You will be able to receive immediate discount on ALL of our products on our store, including smoking accessories, CBD products and clothing merchandise.

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